Filelight’s new progress animation.

So, I finally sat down and hacked a bit on Filelight. As well as fixing whatever I could find of bugs that noone reported (like crashing very often if you zoomed because I forgot to reset the focused element, or that it wouldn’t update properly when you deleted something), I also applied a patch from Dave Vasilevsky that had been lingering in the bugzilla for way too long that fixes the caching (now it won’t rescan if you have already scanned something, and won’t grow the cache infinitely large).

I also implemented a fancy progress widget (pulsating, fading colors and rotating), which the screenshot doesn’t really do justice.

I also fixed other minor and major (like ignoring the ignore list) bugs reported to bugzilla.

Lastly, I replaced the old and ugly icon with a new and snazzy one made by Sune Vuorela (which is based on the harddrive icon made by Pinheiro):



So look forward to the next release of Filelight in KDE 4.11!

16 thoughts on “Filelight

  1. Thanks for a totally usefull an unique tool. Would it be possible/usefull to integrate filelight in dolphin as a separate view?

    1. Unfortunately Dolphin doesn’t support KParts, so it will be kind of a pain in the ass.

      There’s two things you can do, though; either use Konqueror (it should still function very well as a file manager), or simply right click in/on a folder in Dolphin and select “Open with…” and select Filelight.

      I think Krusader also supports KParts, so you can use Filelight directly from it.

  2. Finally KDE is working on “boring” stuff like applications and fixing bugs. Thank you very much!

  3. Thank you for the work and updates, filelight is one of those incredibly useful tools – saved my bacon recently when I was tracking down what ate my diskspace on my 60GB SSD boot drive.

    Not to mention being a rare kde app that doesn’t start with K :)

  4. Martin, great stuff, thanks! This is a great improvement. I would also be thankful if huge memory leaks could be fixed ;-)

    1. I don’t think there are any major memory leaks, I’ve already been valgrinding a bit to find some of the bugs I’ve fixed so far.

  5. Surprised to see Sune joining the Oxygen team, nice job though! :)

    @fasd We’ve been working on boring stuff forever, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place, or are judging too fast / with too little information?

  6. Sune and artwork, huh, that’s new – but it looks good. Awesome work, and hey – those bugfixes, you can push some of those to 4.10.1, right? Or even RC3 and 4.10 final ;-)

    Yeah, this app is useful – not used every day, but when you need it, it has to be there and I’m glad it is. Thanks for hackin’ on it!


  7. Thank you for your work on Filelight, Martin! It’s great that someone’s taking care of such useful applications.

  8. This are actually very good news. Very nice to see that some people are concentrating on some application that really are useful in daily life. I actually feared, the application would be dead already. Good to see, I was wrong :) Keep up the good work!

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