IRC commit notifications is dead, long live Pursuivant!

When died KDE lost its fancy IRC notifications for commits, which kind of sucked. I initially hacked up a quick and ugly solution using rbot, exim and a really quick and dirty python script to replace it, that just posted all commits to the #kde-commits IRC channel. But now, thanks to the magnificent fellow Ben Cooksley of the KDE sysadmin team, we now have a proper solution, based on irker and some custom magic whipped up by Ben! Together with Ohloh, I believe we now have what we lost with, and more!

So now you will hopefully see a IRC bot named pursuivant-### (where ### is a semi-random string of numbers) pop up in a KDE IRC channel near you, spewing commit messages like there was no tomorrow. To get the bot to join your IRC channel, or to get it to notify about a particular repository, either ask the sysadmin team (for example in the #kde-sysadmin channel) or edit the rules file in git yourself. The entire solution is available in  kde:sysadmin/irc-notifications, the rules live in gateway/notifications.cfg. It supports full PCRE regular expressions.

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