yay banana

For your viewing pleasure.

To celebrate that KHTML now has proper support for scaled, animated gifs (as of 35526c4ddc99e684a645d5c536cdaec513cc3103), above is a dancing banana. Many a thanks to Maksim Orlovich for helping me track down various bugs related to it.

9 thoughts on “yay banana

  1. Cool! I know how satisfying it is to get something this visual working.

    (Hmm, perhaps we should add support or animated gifs in the picture shape in calligra… :) Could be useful when you use it as a book reader)

  2. Don´t really want to troll but i belive is much better to focus on one technology rather than develop and write tons of different software for the same thing, i.e webkit right now is quite good so why implementing paleolithic stuff on KHTML when it is already done in webkit?

    1. Ping? Over 7 months later, there isn’t even as much as a REPLY to my bug report, let alone a fix. Your feature breaks existing functionality which is critical for usability, yet you do not feel responsible for it AT ALL.

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