IRC commit notifications is dead, long live Pursuivant!

When died KDE lost its fancy IRC notifications for commits, which kind of sucked. I initially hacked up a quick and ugly solution using rbot, exim and a really quick and dirty python script to replace it, that just posted all commits to the #kde-commits IRC channel. But now, thanks to the magnificent fellow Ben Cooksley of the KDE sysadmin team, we now have a proper solution, based on irker and some custom magic whipped up by Ben! Together with Ohloh, I believe we now have what we lost with, and more!

So now you will hopefully see a IRC bot named pursuivant-### (where ### is a semi-random string of numbers) pop up in a KDE IRC channel near you, spewing commit messages like there was no tomorrow. To get the bot to join your IRC channel, or to get it to notify about a particular repository, either ask the sysadmin team (for example in the #kde-sysadmin channel) or edit the rules file in git yourself. The entire solution is available in  kde:sysadmin/irc-notifications, the rules live in gateway/notifications.cfg. It supports full PCRE regular expressions.

Phonon bugday

So, today (technically for me, I’m about to go to bed),  Sunday the 8. of November,  we’re having a bugday for Phonon. This is to try to make bugzilla a bit easier for Phonon developers, for bug triagers, and for plain old users who need to file bugs.

What we will do is try to work our way through all the open bug reports filed against Phonon on, and plain old cleaning up. You can find more details here: Thanks a lot to Myriam Schweingruber (aka. Mamarok) who set up this page, and is helping out with the bugday. Also thanks to the KDE Bugsquad who’s doing an already excellent job of triaging in the bugzilla, and for taking some extra time to help with this bugday. Lastly, thanks to the (former, current and future :-) Phonon developers who have agreed to show up and provide insight and help.

So if you’re looking for ways to contribute to KDE, and more specifically Phonon, please don’t hesitate to join. There aren’t really any requirements for helping triage bugs on a bugday, apart from showing up. :-)