Mangonel 1.1, and more


In KDE3 times there was an awesome, simplistic launcher named Katapult. In KDE4 we have Mangonel.

I have just released version 1.1 of it, mostly just a bug fix, tweaking the prioritization. But it also has a couple of new features (configurable launch notification, config ui for autostarting).

Also, I just pushed a nice new feature for KF5, namely retrying in KIO. So if copying for some reason fails, it now asks you if you want to retry, in addition to the quasi-useless (IMHO) skip/autoskip options. But that’s coming in KF5, so not something that’s user visible in the immediate future.

But for the next release of Konsole I also recently pushed a couple of features, namely support for CTRL-clicking on URLs to open them, and also made it tell you what applications are actually running if you try to close it:

new konsole feature
new konsole feature

6 thoughts on “Mangonel 1.1, and more

    1. No, the difference is in the use of manpower instead of a falling counter-weight (quite visible in the illustration I used).

  1. In kde3 times, I would enter “bee 5th” in katapult and it appended and played the 5th Simphony in Amarok 1.4. Good times…
    It’s sad to think how far backward things have moved.

    Is there any difference between Mangonel and krunner(functionaty wise)?

  2. The new Konsole feature is great, but it can be even better: highlight (with italic or smth) the process running in the current tab, which will be terminated after clicking the “Close Current Tab” button. The dialog will be even more informative then.

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