Phonon-VLC 0.6 released

picture of a sexy car
Sexy beast.

We have done it again; a new Phonon-VLC release is ready with plenty of rewrites, bug fixes and other stuff.

An overview of what has been done:

  • OpenGL surface painting now works properly (used in for example Gwenview)
  • Fixed the hue adjustment
  • Fixes to errors found by the static code analysis tool Krazy
  • Fixes for compatibility with newer VLC versions
  • Blu-Ray™ support
  • QML support
  • Lots of fixes for crashes, memory leaks, etc.

As usual it is available through the KDE infrastructure:

From the KDE Multimedia team; enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Phonon-VLC 0.6 released

  1. Hello,

    thanks for this awesome project. I’m able to use it through a regular VideoWidget, and it works really great. Do you have any example on how to use it in a QML scene?

  2. I’m trying to make an media player application with pyQt/pyside and the phonon library. Currently I’m using the default backend (phonon_ds94.dll). I would like to use the phonon_vlc.dll one but I don’t know how to make the switch on winXP. Any one have an idea ?

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