I love blurring

Since I wasn’t able to sleep yet, I thought I’d blog. :-)

Inspired by this after installing the latest beta on my workstation (which has a cool enough graphics card for the KWin blurring), I added ~4 lines of code (3 calls to Qt to set a transparent background on the widgets, and 1 to turn on blurring) to Filelight to get this:

I won’t commit this now, because it is more of a quick hack to see how simple it was and probably not very usable, but I’ll see if I can make something a bit more usable with transparency and blurring later on in Filelight.


11 thoughts on “I love blurring

  1. Very nice but please let users turn it off! I find blurring so distracting, it makes it so hard to read text in a window.

  2. That was just the demo of the technology!

    I still wish that there would be a filelight widget. But it should use only a background boxes for the text and make other parts clear. So it would not have retancle background what could be using widget background (or blurred).

  3. It looks cool but I don’t think that is enough reason for apps to go off rolling their own style. Users can use a style that has transparency and blur if that’s the desktop look they want.

  4. Nice effect, but I do agree with Maninalift – it shouldn’t be an application-specific thing – if a user wants to, it should be in the widget style / windeco.


  5. can someone tell me if this blur thing is working on intel GMA 4500 machines, because I’ve tested two different distros and it is not working

    thanks in advance

  6. Note to some of you guys: Transparency != Blurring

    Preferably, you’d have both and they would both be optional.

    Incidentally, is there any reason why Windows 7 supports fast and pretty blurring on my laptop with the gma4500 chipset, but so far KDE doesn’t?

    1. I would guess because Microsoft probably has a couple of GMA450 (I assume that’s what you meant) cards to test on, while the KWin developers have none.

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