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Since api.kde.org has been down a lot lately, I generated some Qt Assistant-compatible documentation from kdelibs, and put it up on my server, and also linked to it from the topic in the #kde-devel IRC channel.
But since not everyone visits IRC, I thought I’d mention it here too.
So, fetch kde45.qch and save it somewhere save, launch Qt Assistant, go to Edit→Preferences→Documentation→Add… and navigate to where you saved the file and add it. You should now have a fully indexed, searchable and browsable API documentation for kdelibs.

In other news, I’ll be working on desktop synchronization with ownCloud as a GSoC project this summer. The plan is to first extend libattica and ownCloud to be able to store and retrieve random values by keys (so a key/value-store), and then utilize that in for example kwalletmanager (for synchronizing passwords), rekonq (to synchronize bookmarks) and Basket (to synchronize notes).

There will also be two students working on Phonon this summer (on AV-capture and low-level audio APIs, much like QtMultimedia, only in Phonon). I’ll try to get them both on planet so they can introduce themselves properly. :-)

Also, I unfortunately couldn’t make it to Randa to the multimedia sprint due to some really lousy exam dates. I wish I was there. :-(

7 thoughts on “API documentation

  1. ee! awesome :) I always got lost in api.kde.org somehow…

    on desktop sync: are you going to make it capable of sync’ing two computers that are both turned on at the same time? please? :) I used to try and sync my desktop and laptop, but it was a real PITA because if I didn’t shut down kontact and konqueror and everything on my desktop before leaving the house, any changes I made on my laptop would conflict when I ggot home. and then there’s the times when I need to be actually *using* both machines at once…

    and nowadays we have things like n900’s – I haven’t even *tried* to sync anything to that.

    1. Yeah, that’s the idea. Attica and OCS already supports “push”-notifications from the server to the clients, so the idea is to notify all connected clients once anything is changed. And we also need some way to resolve conflicts (some passive popup or something).

      Anyways; it is planned, yes.

  2. Cool, this offline api doc is very usefull.
    Could you describe how you created it? So one can rebuild it itself for a specific commit or even a different lib

  3. Cool, a offline api reference is very usefull and might be faster.
    Could you describe how you created it? So one can rebuild it for a specific commit or different lib.

  4. Can the generation of this qch file be included in the process of generating api documentation for api.kde.org? This would be most awesome, to always have an up-to-date version. You should talk to Adrian de Groot (ade)!

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