R. I. P. Jan Mette

Saturday afternoon I got a private message on IRC from a childhood friend of Jan Mette; primus motor of the old KDEmod package repository for Arch Linux, and initiator and primus motor of the Chakra Linux distrolet, that he had died friday morning.

Although I never met him in person, we spent a lot of time together on IRC and packaging kdemod before I started maintaining Phonon, and I’m having a hard time putting down what I’m feeling. He had quite a profound impact on my life, and I’m certain I wouldn’t be the same today if we hadn’t crossed paths.

I also grieve for the friends and family he left behind, I can’t really start to imagine what they must be going through now.

More information here.

4 thoughts on “R. I. P. Jan Mette

  1. Wow, that’s horrible. And he’s not at all old. I feel for his family and friends, they’ll undoubtedly be going through a lot…

  2. My condolences to Jan Mette’s family and to his friends. I didn’t know Jan at all, but I enjoy using his work, every day: Chakra Linux.

    Thanks, dude.

  3. Wow, that’s sad! He was really too young to die! :-(

    BTW, his name even shows up in the Fedora kdebase-workspace changelog:
    * Fri Feb 01 2008 Kevin Kofler 4.0.1-2
    – update kde#155362 (simple menu) patch for 4.0.1 (thanks to Jan Mette)
    (He had merged my backported patch into kdemod and he updated it for 4.0.1.) So that’s one more place his name lives on.

    RIP Jan, all my condolences to his family, his girlfriend, his friends and his fellow Chakra project members.

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