Droidbattles, Phonon bugs, Dragon Player

Sup peeps.

I noticed I hadn’t blogged since the Phonon bugday; meh. The bugday was a raging success, with many nice people showing up and helping. Also especially thanks to Mamarok, she was doing an absolutely fantastic job, and is still continuing doing a fantastic job in the bugzilla now sorting and triaging. Many thanks to her and the rest of the people who showed up. I hope to spend some quality time in the bugzilla during this christmas.

The reason I haven’t blogged is that I’ve been pretty busy with the final exams, but they are now behind me. But while reading for exams I did, as is usual here in Trondheim, have several projects to distract me. I started a port of DroidBattles to Qt4 (a game where you program robots in assembly, used to play this quite a bit), continued on my port of Kredentials (a Kerberos ticket handler for KDE), made a patch for Qt 4.6.0 to include a newer Phonon version, and finally continued the work on moving Phonon to Git (I got as far as to get svn2git to crash with my ruleset, the history of some Phonon elements isn’t entirely trivial to keep track of…).

I also fixed the two most annoying bugs for me in Dragon Player, the one where the toolbar isn’t hidden in fullscreen mode, and the one where the mouse isn’t hidden. I also tried to fix the screensaver handling, now only DPMS is left to disable (which shouldn’t be too hard, a couple of lines copied from the `xset` source code should do it). I hope this makes Dragon Player usable for other people again, too.

Lastly, I’m also building KDE 4.3.82 for Chakra now, for all of you impatient Arch Linux users wanting an unstable desktop. They should be finished and uploaded by tomorrow morning, in the kdemod-testing repo. :-)


10 thoughts on “Droidbattles, Phonon bugs, Dragon Player

    1. I prefer to work with funkyou’s PKGBUILDs, he’s been doing this packaging for a while and knows his stuff (I had some trouble with ProgDan’s Qt package, for example).

      Also, with kdemod you get debug symbols in separate packages, so smaller downloads. :-)

  1. I’m slightly skeptical of your screensaver patch. KNotificationRestricitions was the old method, then it was changed to use a direct DBUS call as a temporary work around to get round all the bug reports that screensaver disabling didn’t work.

    Your patch in statechange brings the code identically back to how it was in r992603

    (last I was aware the direct DBUS call was working ok, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone hasn’t broken it at the receiver end). Hopefully this is a sign that the bug in KNotificationRestricitons has been fixed – at which point.. woohoooo!!

    Good work fixing the toolbar, I never did manage that.

      1. Fair. If it worked for you, all is good. (also you had changed from “restrict all but critical”, to “restrict screensaver” maybe that was enough to make it behave.

  2. Just FYI: 4.3.85 (beta 2) is already tagged and will be announced this weekend, if the bindings compile issue is fixed.

  3. Droidbattles It is a great “game”. Years ago I had a lot of fun writing various bots and fight against other. Thanks for starting the port!

  4. Hey man how is the x86_64 build going for chakra kde 4.4 SC beta 2 cant wait to try it . It seems i686 is already updated.

  5. dont wanna bug you about beta2 but, chakra users have the disease of versionitis, dont make us beg… cos we will…

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