Phonon bug-day, Filelight release

First things first, first: set off the day 8. of November. Then we will arrange a bug-day dedicated to Phonon, to clean up duplicates, close fixed bugs not marked as such, and generally try to make it easier to file new bugs and fix bugs. More information should be forthcoming. I’m trying to get as many developers who know anything about Phonon to set off the complete day, so there should hopefully always be someone active who are familiar with Phonon.

So if you’re either someone who has used Phonon, worked on Phonon, likes Phonon, likes bug triaging, or simply want to lend a hand, please show up on #kde-bugs the 8. November.

Screenshot of Filelight 1.9
Screenshot of Filelight 1.9

I’m also very close to releasing my KDE 4 port of Filelight, I think I’ve fixed all regressions from the KDE 3 version in SVN now. Yes, yes, I know it has taken almost a year now (if not more), but I hope I can compensate with a very solid first release. :-P

If you do know of any regressions, please tell my ASAP (either file a bug at or ping me on IRC (`sandsmark` on Freenode, IRCnet and EFnet).

We’re also soon finished with arranging Norway’s largest cultural festival (UKA), only 6 days left. After that, I hope to have more time for free software and Phonon in particular, so far this fall it has been mostly administrative tasks, and getting to know the rest of the multimedia stack in Linux. :-)


10 thoughts on “Phonon bug-day, Filelight release

  1. Please, use broadcrumb for navigation for default. Just like in Dolphin, for a sake of consistiency for an end user.

    1. I have several ideas for improving the user interface, once the KDE 4 port is complete and stable, but I hadn’t thought about using a breadcrumb. Thanks for the idea, I’ll try to implement that. :-)

    1. This probably warrants a blogpost of its own, but I personally want to finish the VideoDataOutput support, so that all backends can get good support for rendering on whatever you throw at it (proper support for in QtWebkit, for example).

      There’s also a guy working on improving the PulseAudio integration (the audio devices you select in the Phonon kcm is used by PA too, for example), and there’s also activity to finish up the Phonon-VLC backend.

      And then there’s the bugs. :-)

    1. If you follow the link, you will see that the kde4 filelight on kde-apps is developed by a familiar `sandsmark`. :-)

      So yes, I’ve taken over development (I don’t think mxcl does much KDE-related development anymore, unfortunately).

      1. OK, thanks for the update, keep up the good work – it’s a great app!

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