Filelight’s new progress animation.

So, I finally sat down and hacked a bit on Filelight. As well as fixing whatever I could find of bugs that noone reported (like crashing very often if you zoomed because I forgot to reset the focused element, or that it wouldn’t update properly when you deleted something), I also applied a patch from Dave Vasilevsky that had been lingering in the bugzilla for way too long that fixes the caching (now it won’t rescan if you have already scanned something, and won’t grow the cache infinitely large).

I also implemented a fancy progress widget (pulsating, fading colors and rotating), which the screenshot doesn’t really do justice.

I also fixed other minor and major (like ignoring the ignore list) bugs reported to bugzilla.

Lastly, I replaced the old and ugly icon with a new and snazzy one made by Sune Vuorela (which is based on the harddrive icon made by Pinheiro):



So look forward to the next release of Filelight in KDE 4.11!

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