The cancer that is killing free software

Herp derp.

From this:

“However, it is a bit more complicated than that. MeeGo (and now Ubuntu’s) SSO has a DBus daemon written using Qt. We have been down this road before, most recently with Maliit. The daemon would have had to be rewritten without Qt using GObject for it to be a part of GNOME.”

Honestly, do I need to write anything? No reasoning or explanations, just knee-jerk “it’s written in Qt, we can’t touch this”. When did this turn into a political battle? We shouldn’t working against eachother here, if someone has great technology we can use (as long as it is freely available and licensed properly, works well, etc.).

I think this is one of the reasons KDE has thrived as well as it has, even without the commercial backing that Gnome has enjoyed; less politics and more fun. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a piece of software getting denied inclusion in KDE because it had non-kosher dependencies.

The comments also have some gold, though, like this:

“But whether that means GNOME should accept Qt is not a decision that is for me or a single individual to make.”

So Gnome is now a corporate, hierarchical software organization, where individual developers have no say? What happened to meritocracies? And where the flying fuck comes thoughts like the need to “accept Qt” from?

Honestly, I like Gnome (though I haven’t used it as my main desktop in some years), I like the Gnome developers, and I think they make a lot of great technology which helps free software in general (and KDE in particular). That’s why it boggles my mind that they sometimes come with these outbursts of irrationality.


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